How to Restore Carpet Water Damage?

The requirement for restoring a carpet damaged with water could be a massive burden to homeowners. However, if you manage it as soon as possible, you could probably solve the issue by yourself in a few easy guidelines. In this article, we will discuss some steps you could do to manage the situation you are in. First of all, you will be needing to determine the type of carpet water damage. Then, you should have the will to dry it by yourself. This process would be a whole day experience. Hence, it would be preferred that you do this process on weekends to make sure that you have all the time to do so. The moment it is finished, you could probably identify whether you will need to go further with the process. Below are the easy steps you can do to restore your carpet water damage in your home:

Initially, you need to determine where the source of water damage is since this will let you know how severe it is. You actually have to do this so that you could determine whether the water is polluted and whether it needs to be replaced or not. But, once your carpet has become wet due to overflowing the toilet or the same source as this, you should immediately discard it and replace with a new one. This kind of water is also called “black water” since it was associated with raw sewage and groundwater.

When the water damage’s source emerges from clear water, like leaky or rainwater pipes, you could still save it yourself. First of all, prevent any residual flow of water to stop damaging it further. If needed, you must refer to an expert plumber to assist you with this task. Then, you need to sanitize the spot using a brush, water, and a bleaching cleaning solution. This process is one of the examples of restoring carpet damage. Afterward, utilize a box cutter to completely remove the carpet and tear the wet area. If possible, it would be great to eliminate the room’s furniture, however, you can also opt to place them up on blocks.

All over the room, you can install powerful fans and maintain them to be at its maximum speed for the entire 12 hours to finish the cleaning process of a damaged carpet. Attempt to prevent any foot traffic within the room during those hours since this could impact the process in a negative way. The moment the allotted 12 hours is finished, check the carpet to determine whether the wet area has dried and cleared. If so, you are lucky. However, if that’s not the case, you might be undergoing more severe damage, which will need carpet replacement.

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